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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Affect Of Global warming

The Art depicts the Area where now greenery disappeared due to affect of Global warming...even in rainy season the greenery on ground & tress dwindled too much compared to previous years.The art made from only Organic materials on Canvas of Bark of Palm tree ..


  1. Hi Basant.
    Thank you for visiting my site. I have been a big fan of your work for quite a while now and was delighted when you left a message on my gallery wall. Unfortunately I can not get to your gallery on Zazzle. Your work is really wonderful and hope soon to see your gallery and join your fan club on Zazzle as soon as your link is fixed. All the very best to you. Warm regards Susie Hawkins. Little Heaven Workshop

  2. Nice work Basanti. It's good to fear the Lord, He always provides for his children even in times of drought.

  3. Your so right Basant, we have not taken care of the beautiful world of nature that God has given us.. shortages of water, trees gone, cut down even our beautiful animals they have cut elephants tusks and even our ocean is polluted.. but my friend does a great job of restoring his beautiful art of the earth, organic flowers, trees, and all the beauty that once was Basant dear friend... you bring it back in a different way that is beautiful.
    sf, Sherri