Organic Art is an initiative by Basant Soni, to promote Eco-friendly art. 
His mission is to work as an "Eco-friendly Artist'. To develop & generate the concept of Organic Art (Jaivic Art) i.e. "Mother Earth Ingredients-Organic art" using only dried, thrown out ingredients of the treasure of Nature such as flowers, petals,  leaves, twigs, fibres, grass, weeds, seeds and some tough bark of vegetables etc.The Painting surface/canvas are sturdy bark of Canary Palm Tree and Bamboo, which is suitably processed as conventional flat canvas.
He inherited love for art from his father Sunder Lal Soni, renowned Musician & Artist. Basant Soni used to devote most of the leisure time on drawings & water paintings under the guidance of his father and  Model School-Art Teacher & famous artist Sri Kamta Sagar.
Since childhood, he intended to do innovation in the field of Painting. And as a result, he researched for an alternate source of colours & canvas. And after 12 years of search, he found the abundant treasure of Nature and started creating artwork using the raw materials from nature. Basant Soni terms his style of art as Jaivic Art or Organic Art. According to him, “anyone can generate this Organic Art with inner aesthetic sense & creativity skills using raw material from Natural sources and without purchasing any art materials from market”.   
Things that generated by nature perish with time. Their creation is the starting point to convert it into Organic (Jaivic) Art. No colours or artificial material is required to create this concept of Organic Art except the 'glue'.

And as he says, “this new concept of Art is novel, innovative, & inspiring to everyone”. And through this blog, he wishes to further his cause of promoting organic art as an alternate art form.