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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Jaivik Art ( Organic art) created from dried Treasure of Nature on Bark Canvas of palm tree & Bamboo tree.

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  1. Hi Basant, nice ..I would love to put some of your work on http://www.creativeexpressions/ http://www.sherrissharing.wordpress.com
    Last time when I put some of your things on word press...they really like your work..
    let me know and I joined that group..I just got back to Redbubble yesterday still haven't got back to fine art... think today I will get there. you have a fire and so do I how fun.. I will it up today on Sherrisartsart.com
    ok...I thought it was funny that our minds think the same.. soul friend
    Sherri SF always, you know Basant just because friend meaning good friends there time we can't get to each others work..but to me that doesn't make a difference in ones good relationship.. it is always there..in the heart and soul..its been a long time from whatever year we met..it has been such a pleasure knowing you and your wonderful art.