Every resources around us is part of Nature & equally belongs to all living being.
It's individual contribution of these in-numerous beings that over the millennial has helped strike a unique balance of life.
  As we move forward,we commit ourselves towards caring all those precious beings who have helped maintain the equilibrium. The time has arrived to re-dedicate ourselves to their future.  
   As an artist i can contribute to generate Eco Friendly  Concept of Organic Art, not using any paper/artificial materials in form of toxic chemicals etc,thus under saving Biodiversity few trees can be saves in our surroundings/forest enhancing greenery.Lastly we may achieve bit Eco-logical balance to get fresh Oxygen/air for survival of birds,animals & all beings on our mother earth.
    Activities related to "Eco-Friendly Concept of Organic Art", efforts being made to use only waste of organic materials which could have been perished with time.My Canvas  /pallet is also waste Bark of Palm trees.
    As a sequel to  misc activities i wish to share the undermentioned Note received  from Director of IFAA On-Line Fine art Academy 
      "IFAA is Proud to present ORGANIC ART lessons by Academician Basant Soni.
       With a mission to support ‘Eco Friendly Art’, this course focus on developing
       concept of ”Organic Art “. Artworks will be created by using only ingredients
       found in Nature such as waste of plants & trees-dried flowers, leaves, petals,
       twigs,grass,seeds, weeds, roots etc. For more information and to enroll please visit                                
          Hope every one will render his best contribution to save trees thus greenery of our mother earth by their  contribution  in respective field where ever they are ....!!!!!!!!!!
           My best compliments to every one....